Our Mission

The mission of Cabezon Pediatric Dentistry is to provide the highest quality oral health care to children, adolescents, and those with special needs.  We aim to do this through education, communication, prevention, and evidence based dental treatment.  We take seriously the responsibility to provide the best treatment possible under the best circumstance possible.   To achieve this, we are the only pediatric dental office in New Mexico to provide all levels of sedation (see sedation link on our home page).   It is our goal to provide a dental home for our patients so they, with the collaboration of their parents and dentist, can maintain a healthy smile.

First Dental Visit by First Birthday!

The American Academy of Pediatrics, and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommend that children visit a pediatric dentist at age 1 to establish a dental home.  Research has shown that children who see the dentist at an early age have less dental problems and emergencies, and pay less money overall than those that wait.

More than 1 in 4 children will have a cavity by age 4 so we want to help you help your child prevent cavities.   At Cabezon Pediatric Dentistry, we understand that prevention is the best medicine.   At your child’s first appointment we will discuss

  • How to care for an infant’s or toddler’s mouth
  • Proper use of fluoride
  • Oral habits, including finger and thumb sucking
  • Ways to prevent accidents that could damage the face and teeth
  • Teething and milestones of development

The link between diet and oral health

  • Establish a schedule of follow up visits based on the needs of your child.

While excellent dental hygiene can start at birth, we can help protect, restore, and maintain your child’s oral health at any age. When you choose Cabezon Pediatric Dentistry as your child’s dental home, you invest in quality and comfortable care that encourages a lifetime of healthy smiles.

Call 505-884-5437 or contact us here to speak with our caring staff and set up an appointment with an experienced Rio Rancho pediatric dentist.

In our colorful and imaginative office, Cabezon Pediatric Dentistry creates happy and healthy smiles with:

We serve all ages of children; from their first tooth to the last cleaning  through their 18th birthday, our friendly children’s dentists strive to give your children the best possible dental care. Cabezon Pediatric Dentistry  also serves special needs patients.

Our Rio Rancho kids dental office believes in creating a positive and fun dental experience for your child. Our pediatric dentists thoroughly communicate your child’s treatment options in our fairytale-themed office environment, equipped with HD TVs that provide entertainment during your visit. As a parent, we welcome you to stay with your child through every procedure.

Kids Dentist in Rio Rancho, NM

Welcome to Cabezon Pediatric Dentistry, where your child receives the quality dental care that gives them the healthy, bright smile they deserve. We provide a positive dental experience through gentle care, safe and effective technology, and modern sedation techniques.

Kids can make any situation more fun. As children’s dentists, we return the courtesy and make every dental experience fun, enjoyable, and informative for your child. At Cabezon Pediatric Dentistry, we are passionate about providing high quality and friendly pediatric dental care for New Mexico families.

Westside Albuquerque/Rio Rancho Pediatric Dental Specialists

Cabezon Pediatric Dentistry will never force treatment on your child. Our philosophy is to provide your child the best quality in dental care with comfort and compassionate care. We treat your child like royalty and steer clear of any practice that could produce negative feelings about the dentist.

Contact Cabezon Pediatric Dentistry to experience the quality dental care your child deserves in a fun and friendly environment that can make them look forward to seeing the dentist.